Other Studes I have owned, but sold.


This was my first Studebaker. A fella caught me with two other projects going, and made me an offer I thought I couldn't refuse. He had the car for a while, but was unable to restore it, and it was passed on to another owner.

I contacted the new owner. He had started working on the car, but the project had bogged down. He was willing to sell, and I was willing to buy it back. We struck a deal on a Saturday, but I had my trailer loaned out for the week end, so was going to pick up the car on the following Monday. The guy called me Sunday night and backed out. So, I bought the current construction project. Guess who called two weeks later, and wanted to sell again? Sigh. I knew better. Always be prepared!

There has been a great deal of debate about if Studebaker produced any of these cars with continental kits or not. I happened to know a young man who's father used to be an assembly line worker with Studebaker, and had him call his dad to inquire. The gentleman said that he had seen some from the factory, but that most were after-market conversions.

1958 Golden Hawk

I bought this one in August of '98.  I had taken the '54 to the upholstry shop back in May, and didn't know what to do with my self without a project to work on.  And it was a driver, so I could play with it until the other car was done.

After making a few minor repairs, and shoring up some problems related to it having sat for 5 years, I drove it around town.  The only thing I have ever owned that drew as much attention from young and old, men and women, was a Harley.

But, I knew I couldn't keep her, so I put the word out it would be for sale when the other car was done.

She left today (2-4-99).  I'm gonna miss her!

"She found another, and pffft, she was gone."
But, I can always say, "I used to own one of those

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This is one I only owned for a short time.  It has a louvered hood, and Packard tail lights.  The new owner has put the rear quarters back to original, and is installing a Ford drive line.


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