OK, so we went playing too soon. The doors were not quite done. So, we, "jammed," them later.

It gets kinda foggy, eh? Before the big paint job, we installed a new exhaust fan.

Remember how these looked after we welded in the latch surround?
The new exhaust fan is now located where the bags of sand are sitting in the background.


Bits and pieces, bits and pieces.

Meet Chief of Police Norman McNickle. Being his right-hand-man, I always stay one pace behind him. This all started when I painted his '55 Chevy for him years ago. He wanted to do the next one, so I taught him all I knew. (Didn't take long.) I now trust him with mine. The old exhaust fan is in the cabinet to Mac's right. It didn't move much air, and didn't allow for a flow over the car.

Craig and Mac prepare the sealer. I know it's cheatin', but with 10 coats to do, I was glad to have the help. After suiting up, Craig wanted us to run to the Gas station/store up the road, get out of the car and run around, saying, "DON'T PANIC!! EVERYTHING IS OK!!" Mac didn't wanna play.

Ever heard the term, "primed, and ready to go"? It is at this point that Craig announced, "I know I do this for a living. But, today, I'm as nervous as you are." Nothing like a confidence booster, eh?

Mac Shot the epoxy sealer. (1 coat) We are mystified by some trash in the fender.

We move on. Craig starts the base coat. (3 coats)

Base coat done.

I shoot the tinted clear mid coat. (3 coats)

I'm a little dissappointed at this point. More trash, and I think it should be glossy. Craig tells me it is OK.

And, he is correct, as usual. After three coats of Concept 20-20 clear, it shines! We rotated turns on the clear coat.

See the reflection of Craig's feet in the rear quarter panel? He's sitting on a counter towards the rear of the car.

And, we play again! My youngest grandson dropped by, and Mac wanted to give him a baloon.

The problem with the trash was related to the new exhaust fan. Bought a new motor, capacitor, and speed control, so I could vary the fan speed. The fan overheated and stopped when run at low speeds, so we turned it up, pulling in dust from the filters in the doors at the front of the paint room. We had moved everything out of the shop, hosed it out twice with a pressure washer, and cleaned everything before putting it back in the shop. Might as well have used the old fan.

Oh, well. What's a little more color sanding? And compounding. And polishing. That's cars.

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