BACK TOGETHER...(Well, almost.)

Ready for the interior GuRu
The paint has been color sanded, compounded, and polished. I still have some rough spots to work out, but it's getting there.  

The door handles are from a Dodge Intrepid. The mirrors, from a Dodge Dynasty. The window felt strips are from a Chevy pick-up. The seats are from an '89 Buick. The steering wheel is leather wrapped.

A closer look at some of the detail work. We spent a lot of time on the doors. Earlier, I said removing the wind vents was a bad idea.  I have since changed my mind.  I like it, and it was worth the effort.  I just had to get the effort a little farther behind me to realize it.  The antenna is from a Chrysler LHS. I just got the car inspected, and they put the 9 in upside down, making it appear the inspection sticker expired 2 years ago, or is good until 2006. Think the law will buy that?

Electric seats. The shoulder harnesses and seat belts are from a Chrysler Intrepid.

Added a rear window stop light, speakers, shoulder harnesses, and belts. The car went to the uphostery shop on May 11th.

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